In this project, Shigeru Ban strives to achieve the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese dwelling using modern materials.

The Naked House is located in Kawagoe, Japan, where the temperate climate allows for the building to be opened up for much of the year. The north and south facades are made from translucent double layered envelopes. These walls allow much diffused light to pass through them. There are a number of small, clear windows that allow for views of the outdoors, and open for ventilation. The west wall has a large, clear set of doors that open onto the terrace. The east wall is where the bathroom and service areas are located, and it is not as permeable to light as the other walls. 

The structure of the house is made of double-stud wood. Between the wood studs are metal braces which further reinforce the walls. The thirty centimeter thick walls support the arc roof trusses. 

The exterior walls are finished with clear corrugated plastic and clad in custom galvanized steel. The roof is made of galvanized steel sheets. The inside walls are finished with stretched white nylon fabric, which are fastened to the timber frame with touch and close fasteners, and can be removed for cleaning. The insulation of the house is made from polyethylene foam stuffed into clear plastic bags. The clear composition allows the light to diffuse through the walls into the interior of the house, without sacrificing insulation and structural integrity.

Interior wall finish (nylon)

The boxes on the interior, which serve as movable rooms, are the only element of the house that are not white. They are constructed of a wood frame covered in durable cardboard. This makes the boxes lightweight and easy to move around the house. Renewable and available materials are very important to Shigeru Ban. Below is a video that shows more examples of materials used in his other works.


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